Chris + NguyenMalibu

After coming back from our six months backpacking trip, my hubby and I moved back to Los Angeles. Honestly, I was hesitant at first, I’m no longer in love with the hustle and bustle of city life. I crave to be outdoors away from busy streets and traffic lights. After a couple of months of re-exploring this part of the world, I realized how diverse and dynamic this place really is. I am more in love with all the quirky and even quaint neighborhoods that LA has to offer from the colorful canals near Venice Beach to the lively¬†Hollywood farmers market. I’m appreciating Ktown’s food scene more and more and I am loving all the new places I get to explore with my couples these past few months during their engagement session!


Chris and Nguyen would often spend their weekends in Santa Barbara and so it was no surprise that on one of their weekend getaways, Chris proposed to Nguyen. She didn’t suspect anything at all really, it was going to be just one of their “trips”. With happy tears and many kisses later, Nguyen accepted and now they are planning a beautiful Santa Barbara rustic inspired wedding in September. We started our session at Malibu Creek and then ended at the ever-so-popular El Matador Beach. I’ve never been their before and was struck by all the rock formation floating on the water while the light just kissed everything in site.