Grad PhotosPalm Springs

When Cherish contacted me for graduation portraits, she asked if there was a location I had always wanted to photograph-some place different and a little bit bizarre? Oh hell yes! I love it when a client is daring to be different and up for an adventure. I gave her a couple of options and hoped she’d pick the Salton Sea but I knew, it was 3 hours away and well, it smells like rotten fish and there is nobody around for days. To my surprise, she was up for it!

As it turned out, the Salton Sea was such a spectacular little ghost town in it’s own freakishly weird kind of way.

As the sun was setting, a gust of wind crossed back and forth and for a moment, I couldn’t help but beam with joy at how awesome it felt to be in the middle of the desert doing what I love.

Happy Wednesday!