PoolsideLos Angeles

I think I’ll drift across the ocean now
Clouds look so clear in your eyes

California – Mazzy Star

What do I look for in a good photograph? The overall color of an image, skin tones, clarity, emotion, light…. the list goes on and on but for the most part, color and light speaks to me in ways I can’t really describe.

I remember in my color theory class, I was taken by the psychological power of color; how it elicits a feeling, an association to a memory or how it contrast and compliment the surrounding environment. For this session, I wanted very little colors except for the blues of the water and pouty red lips.

Don’t you just love Becca’s high waisted bottoms with the black and white geometric patterns! So classic yet so modern!

Thank you Becca and Bianca for being so ah-mazing to work with!

Cheers to warmer days by the pool!

All photos taken with a Contax 645, Fuji 400H Pro