A Cold Winter’s MorningLos Angeles

Inspiration comes from many places. I can easily get inspired by dried flowers or the way the light hits a corner of a living room in the early morning.

One of my favorite part of a wedding day is the moment when you wake up, realizing that today is THE day. You may not be surrounded by anybody just yet, not even your fiancé. You wake up to the brisk cold air and the first thing you notice is how the light peaks through the window panels and the first (of many) feelings you have is one of happiness and nervousness. At least that is what I think.

My inspiration for this shoot comes from all the anticipated feelings leading up to the moment you say “I do”. Exploring those feelings, both Lani (my beautiful East African model) and I had to imagine and feel what it truly means to be a woman and how on this very special morning, ones world inevitably changes.

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Thank you to Kelly Tran who never seems to disappoint when it comes to incorporating my ideas into something far more beautiful than I can imagine. Thank you to Shelley who always supports my wild ways and gives me such positive feedback. Thank you to the ladies at Adored Vintage who personally helped me choose the delicate silk gowns that drapped the body so magically. And a special thanks to Lani, my model, who introduced me to her native country, Eritrea in East Africa. Hearing stories of what it was like to grow up in such a hidden world and how it feels to be living on her own and pursuing her dreams in LA made me reflect on my own feelings of fleeing my own country…. oh but lets leave that to another day.

Happy Friday people!

All images were shot on film at 1.8f.