Joshan + Judy | Part 2Salt Lake City

On the morning of J+J’s Chinese/Vietnamese Tea Ceremony, I arrived at Judy’s parents place with much nostalgia. Mounted on their kitchen walls were dozens of awards, plaques, family photos and a panoramic photo of Judy, two of our other junior high school friends and me! I’ve been back to Utah a couple times after moving away but this time felt a little different. It was probably because I remembered what it felt like to walk down Judy’s neighborhood on my way home from junior high. It’s a bit surreal to watch one of your childhood friends get married and to be able to document their day is truly an honor and something I’ll cherish for a long time.

If you haven’t been to a Chinese/Vietnamese Tea Ceremony, you’ll be surprise at all the colorful festivities. The groom, in this case, Joshan and his family arrived at the bride’s parent’s place bearing gifts of fruits, cakes, a roast pig, jewelry, etc. all covered in a red cloth. These gifts represent the wealth and happiness the groom’s family will bring to the bride’s family (source).

The fun part comes when the groom is not allowed in until the bridesmaids test his devotion by making him play games including push-ups, passing a heart shaped paper with their mouth and other entertaining games. I think this is a Chinese tradition but who knows, we’ve been doing this for so long, I forget which part is from what culture. When the bridesmaid feels like the groom has showed enough dedication they greet his family with much excitement!

The rest of the morning consist of a lot of tea drinking, hugging and eating 😀

A special thanks to Ann, my second shooter, who captured all those funny candid game photos.

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Since there was a long break between the morning celebrations and the evening reception, J+J along with their wildly fun wedding party met us at Memory Grove Park for some portraits.