Brett + JennyOrange County

Remember Brett + Jenny’s SF engagement shoot? Well, they got hitch this past month on a warm Saturday afternoon in Brett’s parent’s backyard – on the tennis court that surprisingly has been used for every occasion except tennis! Hah!

As the caterer vans and event trucks started unloading and setting up, the excited couple and I snuck away to the most elegant garden with a perfectly manicured lawn, decorative sculptures and hidden pathways. Since it’s Brett’s neighbor’s private estate, we had the place all to ourselves and as the soft light cast it’s magical spell, we knew this was the perfect day to get married!

Surrounded by their closest friends and family, the couple shared their vowels, laughter and a lot of tears at their ceremony where Brett’s dad was the officiant which btw is such a great idea! Who has first hand stories of Brett growing up and of the happy couple’s blooming relationship? It was an intimate affair indeed!

To save the best for last, the night began and ended with a lot of dancing – like MAJOR Columbian salsa, merengue, entire-body-shaking-dancing! It was hard not to jump in and start dancing myself!

I hope these photos give you a little glimpse of what it felt like on that beautiful afternoon in the foothills of Tustin.