Long Beach Boudoir Photography

Happy April!

I’ve been looking forward to posting these images for some time now!

I met Jeannie over a year ago when I photographed her wedding back in March 2012. Jeannie and Nat recently celebrated their one year anniversary and she wanted to give her new hubby something sweet yet memorable.

When Jeannie contacted me, I was over the moon! First, returning clients are the best kind to have! They already know how to work the camera and we’ve already developed a special rapport between each other. Second, I have a tendency to gravitate towards soft natural and continuos light. This kind of style helps smooth the skin and gives it a glowing hue. Soft light + a lot of nakedness = sexy and artsy!

Boudoir sessions are so intimate and surprisingly liberating! We all work hard to keep our body healthy or at least we try 😉 and when we see ourself through these images, we won’t remember how crampy or lumpy our body was… one day we’ll look at these photos and only see a woman of beauty.

If you’re interested in a boudoir session, for an anniversary or for the sake of remembering and embracing the beauty of you, we need to chat! Contact me here.

Here are a few of my favorites.